West Bengal Panchayat Elections

Supreme Court Refused to countermand West Bengal Panchayat Elections:

These were the reasons given by Supreme Court for declining to interfere:

“[I]t would be inappropriate for this Court to exercise its jurisdiction to interdict the declaration of results of the uncontested seats. First and foremost, it is necessary for the Court to notice that no specific relief was claimed before the High Court in regard to those seats where there was no contest. Neither were there adequate pleadings nor indeed were specific prayers set up before the High Court when its jurisdiction under Article 226 was invoked. The proceedings before the High Court were brought by several political parties, each of whom would have been well aware of the situation on the ground and the need to formulate an adequate basis in fact to invoke the jurisdiction of the High Court. Absent such a factual foundation, the High Court dealt with the only issue which had been addressed, which was the plea that nominations should be allowed to be filed in the electronic form. No other plea was raised.

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Durga puja, Moharram, communal harmony in Bengal

Ban on Idol immersion on 1st October 2017 in West Bengal

Validity of ban on day of Moharram

Durga Puja is celebrated throughout the State and epitomizes the victory of the good against the evil. It is one of the major festivals of the Hindu community and the performance of each rituals which is inherent and inbuilt is followed in a time schedule as provided in various almanac or panjikas.

One of the important customs is Devi Baran followed by Sindoor Khela which can only be performed after sunset and are sine qua non to customary rites and ceremonies before the immersion of the Idol. Large sections of the Hindu community are performing the Puja privately or through community, which not only attached to their sentiments and religious belief but the sense of security as well that it would bring all good in their life. Equally, the Muslim communities are sensitively attached to mourning on the eve of Muharram. Both the sections of the society can profess and propagate their religion with harmony and unified manner. The founding father of the Constitution
never dreamt of any artificial or real distinction amongst each religions in the country and incorporated Articles 25
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