Straw or Benami purchase of Gun not permissible in USA.

Anonymous or Straw or Benami Purchase of fire arms:

No Guns.

Gun purchase procedure:

The law of USA lay down a detailed procedure and steps to be taken before a gun is sold to a buyer. It requires the dealer to verify, at the point of sale, whether a potential buyer may lawfully own a gun. Section 922(c) brings the would-be purchaser onto the dealer’s “business premises” by prohibiting, except in limited circumstances, the sale of a firearm “to a person who does not appear in person” at that location. Other provisions then require the dealer to check and make use of certain identifying information received from the buyer. Before completing any sale, the dealer must “verif[y] the identity of the transferee by examining a valid identification document” bearing a photograph. §922(t)(1)(C). In addition, the dealer must procure the buyer’s “name, age, and place of residence.” §922(b)(5).
And finally, the dealer must (with limited exceptions)
 submit that information to the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) to determine whether the potential purchaser is for any reason disqualified from owning a firearm. See §§922(t)(1)(A)–(B). Continue reading “Straw or Benami purchase of Gun not permissible in USA.”