Monthly tenancy with provision for annual increase of rent does not require registration

Clause (9), which noticed the promise of the tenant of payment of rent by increasing 10% each year was a promise contingent on tenancy being continued beyond one year but cannot make the tenancy year to year or tenancy for a period of more than one year.Present was a case of tenancy for which no period was specified and looking to all the clauses cumulatively, we find that the rent note was not such kind of rent note, which requires compulsory registration under Section 17(1)(d).


We may further notice that Rent Controller had returned a finding regarding rate of rent @Rs.2,000/- per month and further the tenant was liable to pay the house tax, which was not paid from1999 to 2005 and the decree of eviction was passed accordingly. The Appellate Court although accepted the finding of the Rent Controller that rate of rent was @ Rs.2,000/- and not Rs.1,000/- but merely on the finding that landlord cannot claim 10% increase of rent every year since the document was not registered had allowed the appeal and set side the judgment.There is no specific finding by the Appellate Court regarding the liability of the tenant to pay the house tax. The Appellate Court after holding that document-rent deed was compulsorily registrable and having not registered allowed the appeal. No finding was returned by the Appellate Court that tenant was not in default and tenant has deposited the necessary amount to save himself from eviction. We, thus, are of the view that the judgment of the Appellate Court is unsustainable on the above ground also. We, thus,are of the view that the judgment and decree of the Rent Controller directing eviction ought not to have been interfered by the Appellate Court.

[Source: Siri Chand vs. Surinder Singh decided by SC on June 17th 2020]

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