Redemption of mortgage subject to SARFAESI Act

Section 13(8) of SARFAESI Act.

Failure to deposit full amount dues:

In the present case, the appellant failed to comply with the provisions of Section 13(8). The statute mandates that it is only where the dues of the secured creditor are tendered together with costs, charges and expenses before the date fixed for sale or transfer that the secured asset is not to be sold or transferred.

The appellant was aware of the proceedings initiated by the bank for asserting its right to recover its dues by selling the property. The appellant moved the DRT in Securitization Application 176 of 2015. During the pendency of those proceedings, orders were passed by the Tribunal on 1 February 2016 and 3 February 2016. The appellant moved the Allahabad High Court which by its order dated 9 March 2016 restrained the bank and the auction purchaser from executing the sale deed until 15 March 2016. The stay was extended till 28 March 2016 by which date the appellant was to deposit an amount of Rs 7,00,000. The balance was required to be deposited by 30 April 2016. While appellant deposited an amount of Rs 7,00,000 with the bank, he failed to deposit the balance in accordance with the provisions of Section 13(8). Even after the writ proceedings before the High Court was withdrawn, the appellant did not deposit the balance due together with the costs, charges and expenses. The sale was confirmed, a sale certificate was issued and a registered sale deed was executed on 12 April 2016. The appellant failed to ensure compliance with Section 13(8). The right to redemption stands extinguished on the execution of the registered sale deed. This is also the view which has been expressed in the judgment in Mathew Varghese (supra).

Refund of Amount deposited:

The appellant, is however, entitled to a refund of his deposit of Rs 7,00,000 with interest at 9% per annum from the date of deposit till payment.

[Source: Dwarika Prasad vs. State of U.P., decided by SC on 6 March 2018]

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