Procedure for voice sample

Fair procedure for taking voice sample of an accused.

The underlying process for drawing the voice samples should be fair and reasonable, having due regard to the mandate of Article 21. On the other hand, it is not open to the accused to dictate the course of investigation.

It is baseless to suggest that the text which is to be read by the accused in the course of drawing their voice samples should contain no part of the inculpatory words which are a part of the disputed conversation. A commonality of words is necessary to facilitate a spectrographic examination.

Accordingly it was directed that accused would be called upon to read out for the purpose of drawing their voice samples will not have sentences from the inculpatory text. Similarly, permitting the text to contain words drawn from the disputed conversation would meet the legitimate concern of the investigating authorities for making a fair comparison.

Source: Sudhir Chaudhary v. State.  (SC)

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